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about ELEV8

About ELEV8

Just as a restaurant’s ambiance is half the intrigue, the same can be said for boutique clothing stores and in that department, Long Beach’s eco-friendly shop ELEV8 gets an A+. But the accolades don’t stop there. Located in the expressive East Village Arts District, ELEV8 has a cozy collection of local designers, shoes, cosmetics, clothing and accessories that combine unique vintage and modern styles for both men and women. It also hosts traditional retro pieces. Patrick Santa Ana, contributes his own attire from his clothing line PSA Designs, his cosmetic collections, as well as brands out of LA, OC, and NY his partner Adrian has selected for their clientelle. Not to mention the international finds that are collected. Santa Ana relocated his shop from Covina to Long Beach in May 2010 because “Long Beach is a beautiful area with a free-spirited artsy culture that caters to the clientele I have and seek,” he said. Despite the designer’s eclectic styles, they all have in common the focus on creating eco-friendly apparel. This includes refurbished and recycled designs, inspired runway pieces from the past with modern twists and funky details that are always unique and chic. ELEV8 also carries lots of accessories to cover all current trends. But besides all of the glamour of the green-minded duds, Santa Ana did a fabulous job of decorating ELEV8 with recycled and natural materials and creatively transformed them to look amazing. Another detail that makes ELEV8 so damn adorable is the multiple collections of erasers and figurines you find all around the store. “The figurines are symbolic of when I was a ch ild and my family couldn’t even afford toys in the quarter machines so now that I can, I buy little items all the time,” Santa Ana explained. “They’re kind of a window into who I am and what I represent because I was so obsessed with erasers as a child, but I would never use my special ones lol…..”